Time synchronization
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Time synchronization






by means of central plant clock and/or timeserver equipment

Bürk Mobatime is your partner for industrial time synchronization of instrument & control systems and for supply of central plant clocks or timeservers

Bürk Mobatime provides timeserver as standalone, high precision devices having their own quartz basis as well as radio antennas for time reference from GPS/GNSS & similar satellites.

Your process-network therefore is not depending on any external time source such as internet providers – which nowadays is a very important aspect of IT security, especially in consideration of “Industry 4.0” and “Big Data”. By means of master/slave-configurations, e.g. hierarchical structures and – above all – by using your own and independent time source, it is ensured that your internal operations and processes are controlled only by this central time stamp. By means of redundant system configurations, a very high level of operational safety and system availability can be guaranteed. Users are also benefitted from comfortable means of controlling and supervising our time synchronization devices.