DTS 4128S.timeserver (discontinued)

NTP-based timeserver

The DTS 4128S.timeserver is a highly precise time reference for all NTP clients in medium size networks (LAN Ethernet/IP/UDP).

It can either be synchronized with a time signal receiver (DCF 4500 or GPS 4500) or with another NTP time server in the LAN or internet. The DTS 4128S.timeserver can additionally synchronize all slave clocks with an NTP movement, either direct by NTP input or by means of NMI (Network MOBALine Interface). Other devices, e.g. master clocks, can be controlled via DCF current loop. The high degree of system accuracy and reliability is achieved by the master-slave operation of two DTS 4128S.timeservers connected via fiber-optic cable (redundant operation). In the case of disturbance, an automatic switch over from one device to the other takes place. Alarms are signaled by alarm relay, SNMP messages or e-mail.