DTS 4128S.timeserver V2

NTP-based time distribution system with multi-purpose functionality

The DTS 4128S.timeserver V2 is a high-precision time reference for all NTP clients or SINEC/SIMATIC clients in medium-sized networks (LAN Ethernet/IP/UDP). It can either be synchronized with the GNSS 4500 time signal receiver or another NTP time server in the LAN or Internet.

The DTS 4128S. timeserver V2 can synchronize all servers, clients and PLCs, as well as slave clocks with NTP clockwork. Other third-party devices, e.g. master clocks, can be synchronized via DCF power loops.

The high system security and accuracy is achieved by master-slave operation of two DTS 4128S.time-servers V2 connected via fibre optic (redundant operation). In case of a fault, the system automatically switches from one device to the other. Alarms are signaled by alarm relay, SNMP messages or e-mail. The timeserver is compatible with SIMATIC via Ethernet.